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A story of MOOD


Supporting the work of a small business is a political choice showing its desire to see the emergence for good of a more just society with healthy values. 

Our philosophy

Craft company, vegan, concerned with the quality of products and ingredients, to offer holistic content. Applying zero waste thinking, nothing ends its life here. The jars are infinitely reusable.  

Looking to give meaning to your consumption? Mudrā offers everyday items that meet the most sensitive criteria: responsibility & sustainability. All the items offered have been designed & handcrafted, in France, in our workshop on the Swiss border.

Behind the creation of mudrā, a young witch of modern times whose first name means life, who takes pleasure in being creative and would like to share other humans than her with her humbly elaborate creations. A childhood to acquire the notion of ecology, beautiful studies in science and always an irrepressible desire to do her best to give meaning to her daily life, this is the sweet cocktail with which the founder of mudrā has built herself. 

a way of life

Feeling connected to the Earth, a real ecological awareness has been imbued in me since the beginning of my life and I have learned to respect our precious environment, to preserve it too, by not contributing to its destruction, but rather to its development. .  


Having always sought to give meaning to my consumption, the fact of being able to create oneself of care and useful products just from desires or ideas fascinates me. Obviously, knowledge is necessary to get started and I like to think that my long studies in plant biology as well as my life experiences were my allies to get to where I am. It was already 6 years ago, at a detour of pause between 2 revision sessions, while we were studying in preparatory class of biology with my best friend, that the fascinating world of homemade natural cosmetics appeared to us. both as a great opportunity to be able to give free rein to our imagination, concerning products that we use every day and that could be personalized to our needs.  


Driven by a desire to actively participate in offering a way of consuming that is sustainable and on a human scale, this online store was created to allow me to share the vision I have concerning items that are part of my daily life.  

Welcome to the mudrā universe

Zoé, founder

Ecological awareness

Healthy and natural materials.
Eco-designed containers. 
Eco-responsible packaging
plastic free 
but also reused as soon as possible. 
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Symbolically affect your energy flow
and even the mood

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